Array/Continuum of Services

Plan for services:  

         •   For a student who has been identified as handicapped within the meaning of Section 504, the 504 Team shall be responsible for determining what accommodations/services are needed to allow the student to participate in his/her educational programs and receive a free appropriate public education.

         •   In making such determination, the 504 Team shall consider all available relevant information, drawing upon a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, comprehensive assessments that may have been completed and input from the parents.

         •   The parents or guardian shall be invited to participate in 504 Team meetings where accommodations/services for the student will be determined, and shall be given an opportunity to examine all relevant records.

       •   The 504 Team will develop a written plan describing the individual’s handicap and the accommodations/services needed. 

         •   The 504 Team may also determine that no accommodations/services are necessary to insure the student’s full participation in his/her educational program. If so, the record of the 504 Team proceedings will reflect the identification of the student as a handicapped person and will state the basis for the decision that no accommodations/services are presently needed.

         •   A student with a handicap shall be placed in the general curriculum of the District, with the use of any needed supplementary aids and services, unless the District demonstrates that such placement cannot be achieved satisfactorily. The handicapped student shall be educated with those who are not handicapped to the maximum extent appropriate to the individual needs of the student.

         •   The 504 Team shall notify the parents or guardian in writing of its final decision concerning the accommodation plan to be provided.

         •   If an accommodation plan is developed, all school personnel who work with the student or otherwise need to know of the plan shall be informed of the plan.  

  Review of the student's progress

The 504 Team will monitor the progress of a student with a handicapping condition and the effectiveness of the student's accommodation plan annually to determine whether accommodations/services are appropriate and necessary, and the student's needs are being met as adequately as the needs of non-disabled students.