District Reconfiguration

Listed below is information provided by Mr. Stephen Lindberg, Superintendent of Schools, to the community regarding reconfiguration as well as the recommended process for determining the next “best” step for our school buildings.   The information listed from NESDEC [New England School Development Council] reflects the contracted work performed to assist with updating “data” in helping to determine possible “next steps”.  
School District Redistricting Report (R 1.22.14)2.76 MB
2012-2013 NESDEC Report; Enrollment Projections 1.17.13223.11 KB
NESDEC Final Report - North Smithfield Schools710.71 KB
PK-12 School Facilities Capacity and Grade Configuration Study 582.67 KB
March 19, 2009 - Parent Meeting Reconfiguration341.45 KB
March 19, 2009 - Reconfiguration Joint Meeting Presentation341.45 KB