The 2016-2017 Proposed Budget Plan Draft and Supplemental Budget Draft are now posted on our website.  Further information will be forthcoming.

The various departmental budgets that comprise the School Committee’s FY16 School Department Budget Submission can be found under:

I would encourage you to begin by reading/reviewing the “2015 – 2016 Executive Summary” followed by the “2015 – 2016 Supplemental Budget Executive Summary.”  These two summaries will provide you with a meaningful overview before you decide to perhaps do a “deeper dive” into the other components of the budget.

Also included is the overview PowerPoint presented to the School Committee.

Of special note this year:

The proposed budget development/procedures were revised based upon the recommendations from the Bacon and Edge, May 2014, Independent Audit Review commissioned by the Town Council.  You'll find a brief but most important summary of the procedures and guidelines in the “Executive Summary” mentioned previously.

In short, the budget supports/maintains:

  • Projected adjustments in employee salaries and benefits;
  • Needed adjustments to Pupil Personnel Services [PPS], Technology, and Central Office budgets;
  • Continued and necessary Curriculum revision/development work;
  • Middle School Math Textbooks;
  • Minor increases to building-based budgets;
  • Teaching and support staff: 
  • Preschool through Grade 5 level with a net reduction of one (1) teacher due to class size shifting enrollments; one (1) special education teacher due to efficient scheduling/programming approach;
  • High/Middle Schools retained their present teaching staff which does not allow for much needed adjustments to course offerings nor addresses the much needed restoration of the Guidance Department Clerk/Typist from part-time back to full-time;
  • Custodial and Maintenance services;
  • English Language Learner Teacher;
  • Full-day Kindergarten; and,
  • Present level of student support from School Psychologists [reduced (.5) from FY14 to FY15], Social Workers, and Nurses. 
  • All schools’ extracurricular programs and offerings which includes a full Music program and support for various after-school opportunities including related transportation and ceremonies;
  • Current level of Guidance Counselors at the Middle/High Schools; and,
  • Athletic Program/offerings including Middle School Athletics; however, the FY16 Operational Budget amount is less that it was three years ago due to a fiscal parameter.

The submitted draft budget – applying the allowable 4% local appropriation increase and projected State Aid and other projected revenue sources - does not allow for growth or address several areas of deficiency [Rhode Island Basic Education Program; NEASC] in services, programs, or staff especially in the academic support and social and emotional growth of our students. 

At this point in time, funding is unable to address the following:


  • Math Textbooks - High School Algebra I & II and Geometry;
  • Elementary Science materials;
  • High School Science classroom supplies;
  • Advanced Placement course texts that would support High School proposed redesigned program offerings;
  • Unanticipated out-of-district tuitions account;
  • Partial restoration to the Athletic Department Operational Budget;
  • Middle School Social Studies Technology request;
  • Facilities repair and improvement projects, equipment; and,
  • Technology hardware and support – possible Capital Budget submission consideration.

Staffing examples:

  • High School proposed redesigned program offerings;
  • Elementary Math Interventionists;
  • General Maintenance/Electrician Person (System-wide); 
  • High School .5 Librarian;
  • Middle School .5 STEM Elective Teacher;
  • Middle School .5 Math Interventionist;
  • Restoration of a Guidance Clerk [from .5 to 1.0];
  • Support for Elementary Open Circle program; and,
  • .5 Groundskeeper (System-wide)

Information on the above is contained in the separate Supplemental Budget Draft Submission.  The supplemental submission will identify and bring forward for School Committee discussion and planning these areas that the initial budget submission is unable to address without exceeding the combined allowable local appropriation and State Aid estimate.


Stephen Lindberg