Yearly District Calendar

The REVISED 2014-2015 School Calendar is attached for informational purposes.

Revision dated 1.29.15:  The calendar has been revised to account for two (2) snow days on 1/27/15 & 1/28/15.  The last day of school for seniors is now June 5, 2015; the last day of school for staff/students is now June 18, 2015.  

Revision dated 12.22.14:  It has been revised to indicate an early release day for high school and middle school students ONLY on Thursday, 5/14/15.  Elementary students will have a normal school day.  Further information will be provided through the respective schools to students and parents.

This calendar highlights important dates for the entire year. 

More detailed information can be found on the Activities Calendar tab.

2014-2015 'At-a-Glance' School Calendar [R 1.30.15]126.31 KB