Stage I Application – Rhode Island Department of Education {RIDE} Necessity of School Construction – Fast Track Repair Program – Draft Application.

In an effort to alleviate any confusion between the previous RIDE Stage I and Stage II applications that were submitted over the last 12 + months and what is now being considered for a new  RIDE submission:

In June 2015 Rhode Island General Assembly created the School Buildings Authority {SBA} within the Rhode Island Department of Education {RIDE}. This heralded several important changes in state support for school facilities. In essence this established a new process for both submitting applications as well as the review/approval process by the newly formed SBA as well as the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education {CESE} review / approval.

There are other substantive changes. Should you wish to read them in more detail you can go directly to the Department of Education website and then go to “School Buildings Authority”.

The local School Buildings Commission {SBC} /Public Buildings Improvement Commission {PBIC} and the School Committee agreed to the development of a Stage I application to RIDE/SBA for the “fast track repair program”.  This Stage I application draft intent is to focus on two potential projects at North Smithfield High School: the original outdated science laboratories/classrooms; the locker rooms.  The submission of Stage I is a RIDE Requirement the Town must meet to retain the fast track repair option.  This submission allows the possibility that these issues (and possibly others) will be addressed.  It should not be construed as the only aspect of the bond project.  The Town Council, School Committee, and PBIC have made it abundantly clear that a full project plan for the school bond will need to be vetted should this project move forward.  There are additional aspects of the work that are underway/in development.  Please see the PBIC and School Committee minutes for more detail.

This draft was reviewed by the SBC/PBIC on Tuesday, November 10th, and by the School Committee on Wednesday, November 11th.  The application is due at RIDE on Monday, November 16th.

As stated previously for more information regarding the Rhode Island Department of Education and School Building Authority along with the newly defined process go directly to the Department of Education website and then go to “School Buildings Authority.”

The link below will take you to the draft application and the accompanying appendix.

DRAFT: NS Stage I Application & Appendix

Message From the Superintendent

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are designed to assess students’ academic readiness for college.  The College Board creates and administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), a college admission test in the areas of reading, writing and math. Many colleges require SAT scores as part of the application process. The College Board is a not-for-profit membership association of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations.

NSHS SAT Achievement
The following are the results of the SAT’s for the Class of 2015.  A total of 99 students or 70.2% of the class took the SAT’s through the June 2015 reporting period for the class.  This report summarizes information for seniors who took the SAT I: Reasoning Test any time during their high school years through June of their senior year.  If the student took the test more than once, the most recent score is used.  Students are counted once no matter how often they tested.

1.  Results for the Class of 2014-2015

North Smithfield523539511
Rhode Island494494484

2.  North Smithfield Results for 2010 – 2015

 Reading Math
Writing% Tested
2010 – 201150451249978.5
2011 – 201248649848971.5
2012 – 201349050248861.0
2013 – 201451352650368.0
2014 – 201552353951170.2


5 year average  503.2515.449869.84

These results represent a significant improvement for our students.  They also reversed an unfortunate downward trend in SAT scores from our recent history.  This serves as yet another example of the commendable work of our class of 2015 graduates!

Click here to read more in The Valley Breeze.

Fewer HS Grads Ready for College According to Latest Recent SAT Results.pdf184.44 KB

2014-2015 Annual School Department Report

The 2014-2015 Annual Report, prepared by the North Smithfield Administrative Team with input from the Athletic and Music Departments, is attached for your review.  We sincerely hope you will take the time to read through the report to discover all the wonderful accomplishments made over the past year by our staff and students with the support of our parents.  Enjoy!

2014-2015 School Department Annual Report212.19 KB

Overview - PARCC Test Design Changes

Please click on the attachment for a quick overview of the PARCC assessments changes for the 2015-2016 school year.

PARCC Test Design Changes Quick Overview137.59 KB
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