NSSD Superintendent Search - Successful Candidate Profile

Introduction from NESDEC Profile:

On April 28, 2016, Dr. Carolyn Burke and Dr. Sally Dias, consultants from NESDEC, facilitated three focus group meetings representing administrators, teachers/staff, and community members. In addition, in April, they completed personal interviews and analyzed the results of an online survey, made available through the District's website and containing the same questions as the focus groups.  The information gathered through this outreach process was used as the basis to detail the qualities, characteristics, skills, knowledge and experience desired in a new Superintendent of Schools and to identify the pressing challenges ahead of him or her.

The North Smithfield School Committee used the valuable information gathered through the focus group, interview and questionnaire process to inform its decisions in creating the North Smithfield Successful Candidate Profile which will be used to guide the Superintendent Search Interview and selection process.

The North Smithfield School Committee wishes to thank all those in the community and schools who took the time to participate in the community needs assessment outreach.

Respectfully submitted,

The North Smithfield School Committee


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