Our days and lives seem to go so fast and are so busy that the time to pause and say “thanks” to the people around us – in our lives – in our places of work - seems to take a backseat more often than not.

On behalf of the entire School District and School Committee, we wish you and your family a most enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving.  We are truly blessed with wonderful students, parents, and dedicated and hard-working teachers, support staff, and administrators.  Enjoy!


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NSAA Board Meeting – Monday night, November 24th, 7:00pm, in the Kendall Dean School Auditorium.  All are invited (parent of a student athlete or not.)

NSHS Football – Thanksgiving Game will be played Thanksgiving Eve (this coming Wednesday, November 26th), @ 6:00PM at the North Smithfield Athletic Complex – last home game for our Seniors! 

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Thanks for the positive feedback on the last newsletter that was a SPECIAL HIGH SCHOOL EDITION.  We may rerun that addition in the near future when time allows.


The North Smithfield Public Schools in conjunction with the Technology Department will host its first ever “Time for Technology” event.  This event will be offered sometime in late January free of charge to parents, as well as community members.

This event will take place at the North Smithfield Middle School and multiple sessions will be offered based on community interest.  They may include Introduction to Computers, Overview of Microsoft Office Applications, Google Apps, and Social Media 101.  Additional workshops will be available based on the responses that are received from the Survey (see link below) that the District invites the public to take part in.

There will also be an opportunity to network with our District’s Technology Director as well as numerous technology-savvy teachers and staff.  Refreshments will be provided.

“There are many technology initiatives and classes at our schools that we’d like to showcase and offer free of charge to our neighbors here in North Smithfield,” said Adam Stanley, District Director of Technology.  “Technology is a vital part of the education we offer here in our schools and we want the public to have an inside glimpse and provide a hands-on experience and training with the latest technology.”

If you have an interest in attending this event and wish to share your own ideas –

  • Please complete our survey below in order to finalize our “mini workshop” offerings and contact Adam Stanley, Director of Technology, if you wish to assist.

Click to the right for the survey - Time for Technology Survey

Capital Funding For Technology – Important Update
Capital Funding for Educational Technology - Teaching and Learning - Growth and Improvement

The Capital Technology Plan [click below to view a summary] was initially presented to and supported by the Planning Board, School Committee, and Budget Committee last spring.

Although it was approved for funding by the past Town Council, we were informed that the plan must be re-reviewed by the Planning Board, Budget Committee, and then finally by the new Town Council for approval.

Although uncertain of the specific time, the “Plan” [again, click below to view a summary] will be re-reviewed by the Planning Board & Budget Committee on Thursday, December 4th, in the Kendall Dean School Auditorium.

We believe it's a plan that will have long-lasting, positive effects on educating our children – our 21st Century learners!  

[Please visit our main webpage under - (Departments - Technology - Technology Capital Funding Project) - for more detailed information on this Plan.]

HELP WANTED” to Assist with School/District “News” [Communications, Electronic Newsletter, etc.]
Over the past two years, we have initiated an effort to share more District News through a revised approach to the District’s regular Constant Contact Newsletter; reformatted the District’s Main Webpage to coincide with the “snippets,” news, etc., from the newsletters; and, Building Principals continue to use blogs, school web pages, SchoolReach messages [on a limited basis as we prioritize SchoolReach for notices and emergencies.]

Whether we call it telling our story, journalism - whatever you choose to call it - it’s really about communicating what we do – sharing what we do – and continues to be a major goal of our District Strategic Plan and tied to Rhode Island’s Basic Education Program, and more.

This “outreach” effort requires time from all Building Administrators, the Superintendent, Melissa Mathurin, and Sherry McGahan.  Our efforts and discussion have focused on how to improve both efficiency and effectiveness while making this a complete District effort involving all staff.  Building Administrators have made teachers’/extracurricular advisors’, etc., participation an ever increasing priority.  This year, we are looking at a few different strategies to really work towards coordination and comprehensiveness between buildings and throughout the District.


Would you be willing to help/volunteer with this effort?
If you would like to discuss further or to volunteer, please contact me at 769-5492 X2205.






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