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October 2013

Dear Parents,

Although many of you are aware of the following important practices, the following provides important reminders.

Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians until such time as they board the bus and after the student leaves the bus at the end of the day.
What this means is that it is up to the parent/guardian as to whether they need to be at a bus stop when their child boards or departs in the afternoon. It is not up to the bus driver or the school district to decide if you need to be there.

A) Student that disembarks at a stop by themselves at a single “house” or person stop:
Kindergarten through Grade 5
We will not drop the student off at a SINGLE DROP OFF STOP without seeing a parent or guardian.
This also includes an adult that the driver may have never seen before at this single stop even if the child knows the person. The driver will continue on route. You will be contacted before last drop off as to whether we will return child to stop; or for you to pick your child at one of the elementary schools.
Exception - Parent notifies the school or terminal manager of a requested change to this protocol.

B) Student disembarks at a “plat” or neighborhood stop with many other children
Kindergarten student
1) It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to be at a stop if they so choose when their child disembarks the bus with other students. This includes parents waiting in cars.
2) In this situation, it cannot be the driver’s responsibility to know or be responsible to “dismiss” a kindergarten student to a particular “approved” adult whether present or in a waiting vehicle in a group stop situation.
3) That being said, our drivers tend to “notice” what are typical conditions for a kindergarten drop off and use good judgment and common sense. They may contact the terminal and inform them of the circumstances. If no parent or guardian is at the bus stop when an adult is typically there, they may keep the child and continue on route and communicate with the terminal manager on the situation.

C) What to do when your child does not arrive at the stop.
First, stay calm. Occasionally, for various reasons, children may still be at school, on a different bus, or remained on the bus {see above}. Contact your child’s school to inform them. If you cannot get through, contact First Student at 766-9208. If either line is busy, keep trying until you get through.

D) Bus Stops:
1) The use of “depot” stops, a gathering point, will be utilized in Plats that are deemed safe walking areas.
Distance for walking to depot stops will use the same criteria as the eligibility for ridership.

This was a concerted effort to curb “door to door” and/or “every other house” transportation as it is not possible or appropriate to provide and helped to solve the length of time children were on buses {our routes were too long, our children were on the bus too long, and were getting home too late}. Thanks to so many parents last year who worked with us to balance safety as well as time on buses.

2) A student’s bus stop will be based on their legal address.
Any variation to that will have to be approved by the North Smithfield School Department or its agent. The North Smithfield School Department will not approve day-to-day changes in bus stops. The North Smithfield School Department may allow a different morning or afternoon stop 5 days a week on a permanent basis based upon the address and bus capacity.

Basically, no student can ride a different bus, except for as an example, day care reasons with the provision that; the stop is on the route; there is room on the bus; and it must be 5 days a week. If not, the parent/guardian must pick up the student the other days when the student is not on the bus to that residence.

**This includes emergency/ early dismissal. In other words, if your child attends Kids Klub or private day care using school bus transportation - that is where they will go on an emergency release day(s) unless you choose to call and pick them up.**

Please understand that if you have not already requested a change, we will not be able to approve changes in any of the school bus routes / stops for the first two weeks of school. This will allow first for adjustments that may be needed to correct overcrowding or route directions.

E) Eligibility for Ridership:
1) All children will be eligible for ridership when there is no safe walking area to a school or the distance to a school is greater than ¾ of a mile for students in grades 1 thru 5, 1&1/2 miles for students in grades 6 thru 12.
2) Only students, school personnel, and emergency personnel are allowed on school buses.

F) Student Bus Behavior:
1) School buses are an extension of the classroom and the same behavior expected in a classroom is expected on the school bus and at the bus stop.
2) Students who misbehave will be reported to the appropriate school principal for disciplinary action.

Riding the bus is a “privilege” not a right. Children who misbehave jeopardize the safety of others. This is why we have little tolerance for misbehavior on the bus. Unlike the classroom, it is not a place where we can “work through” certain behaviors. The administrators have a responsibility to safety. Suspensions from the bus do happen. It is not something we like to see occur but safety is most important. With the concerted effort of the bus drivers, monitors, principals, and you, we intend to “raise the expectations” for better behavior on the bus.
Possible use of visual surveillance may be used on school buses.

G) Problem Resolution and Communication:
1) Concerns regarding bus routes and / or location of bus stops should be directed to First Student at 766-9208 or Mr. Robert Meo, our Transportation Director, at 769-9617.
2) Concerns regarding student conduct or driver issues should be reported to the School Principal for investigation and resolution.

H) Student Dismissal Form:
Click here to find a “Student Dismissal Form.” Please complete only if you are requesting your child be a KidsKlub after school day care program participant or you are requesting school bus transportation to a residence other than home {please be reminded - the request must be for 5 days a week or you will need to pick up your child on the “off” days}.


I) Emergency/ Early Dismissal:
If your child attends the after school day care program or private day care using school bus transportation, that is where they will go on an emergency release day(s) unless you choose to call and pick them up.**

Please understand that if you had not already requested a change, we will not be able to approve changes in any of the school bus routes / stops for the first two weeks of school. This allows first for adjustments that may be needed to correct overcrowding or route directions.

The related policies can be found in the parent/student handbook and on line at under Quick Links and/or Parents Tab – Transportation - Transportation Links - School Bus Policy or in the handbooks which are also online.

NSES and Halliwell school times remain the same.
Student school day: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.
Parents will need to consider this when trying to pick up children at two different elementary schools.

Middle School and High School times remain the same.
Student school day: 7:16 am to 2:05 pm

We all need to work together to make bus transportation safe and a better experience for all. On behalf of Mrs. Frayne, Mr. Lahar, Mrs. Jolin, Mr. Meo, Mrs. St. Louis, thanks, in advance, for your patience and help.


Stephen F. Lindberg
Superintendent of Schools

P.S.: Please continue to visit our web site,, periodically, for updates. Thank you.

 The related policies can be found in the parent/student handbook:
School Bus Transportation, Safety, and Conduct

The statewide student transportation office would like to remind you about their inclement weather/emergency closing/delay policy.  For your convenience, attached is the inclement weather/emergency closing/delay policy in both English and Spanish.  Parents will be reminded of where to access the policy via an automated phone system message from the statewide student transportation office directing you to their website.

For the most up to date listings of closings and delays, the statewide transportation office suggests checking the following sites:




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